My generation, millennials, are the most progressive and most productive generation ever and I know we have what it takes to start rebuilding our fractured nation. We are ready to take leadership roles in our community and tackle difficult problems with a new approach.


I have worked in broadcast media for six years, and I have been using a camera since I was in sixth grade. I started Full Sail University the year Facebook launched and a year before YouTube existed. I have grown up immersed in modern communication technology and would be able to leverage that knowledge to keep our residents engaged with local government.

The ability to live stream council meeting requires a smartphone and Facebook account; I used to do it for my radio show when we had a big guest. A live stream will allow people who can't normally get to an important meeting the ability to still see the process and would give us a video record that we could sync to the audio record we already have. Eventually we would want a more complex system, but for now simple will suffice.

When I met with Police Chief Bohn, he told me the police would like to have more of a role in getting information to residents. As the civilian leader of our police force, I would help them navigate their transition to a more robust social media presence. I will have an open door policy with our officers so they could approach me with any concerns they have. It is important our police they feel that they are being given the tools and support they need to be as effective as possible.

As mayor, I would use the best practices I have learned over the years as a marketing professional to make our government as accessible as possible and make sure all residents' voices are heard.

Community Builder

Producing films and a radio show, building Time Machine Tours, the West Chester Cinco de Mayo Festival, I have a track record of bringing people together to accomplish complex goals. Nothing great can be accomplished alone, and I have learned how to leverage limited resources and think outside the box to maximize my team's potential.

I have spoken with students at the college, and they feel like they are seen as a burden. We need to work to better integrate them into our community. Respect is a two-way street, and I would encourage any resident living next door to students to go over and reintroduce themselves and vice versa. Many of these students will stay in the community after they graduate, so why not start engaging them now?

Charles A. Melton Arts and Education Center Pool

The borough’s only outdoor public pool has fallen into disrepair over the last 15 years. The Melton Center has launched the #PoolTogether campaign to restore a West Chester staple. The Melton Center has many amazing programs, like the New Directions after school program and multiple athletic leagues. A pool will increase overall foot traffic and get more residents involved with our 100-year-old non-profit community center.

If we focus on this as a community, I know we can come together to achieve this goal and rebuild a pillar that will be enjoyed by all borough residents.

As mayor, I will reach out to groups not usually engaged by the government to help raise overall civic engagement. More people involved means better ideas and a higher quality of government.


The opioid crisis is the biggest threat our community is facing. So far in 2017 drug overdose is responsible for more than half of the accidental deaths in Chester County. Every police officer in Chester County carries Naloxone, and and I learned at a Naloxone training presentation by Good Fellowship that West Chester has seen an increase in Naloxone use.

My generation has been hit especially hard, but almost everyone I talk to has some connection to someone that is suffering. We need to destigmatize addiction and let people know that there is no shame in asking for help.

Pennsylvania just received $26.5 Million to fight the opioid crisis. We need to let people know that there are resources available so they can get the care they need.

I believe that our criminal justice system should focus more on rehabilitation than punishment, and as mayor, I will work with the Chester County Opioid Task Force to do whatever it takes to fight this epidemic.

Good For Business

My business, Time Machine Tours, is a part of the Greater West Chester Chamber of Commerce, and I spend my money almost exclusively in town. It is very likely that on any given afternoon you will see me strolling our streets.

Over the years I have had the pleasure of working with over 35 local businesses, helping with marketing and bringing customers into town. As mayor, I will bring my marketing expertise to the table and make regular videos with the goal of inviting people local events and getting more residents involved.

There is currently no local business owners on Borough Council. I have the support of many business owners in town, and as mayor, I would share the concerns of our business community with government and use my veto power to prevent policies that would harm our economy.