Police Ride Along

Last night I spent St. Patrick’s Day with Officer McIntyre from the West Chester Borough Police Department. It is traditionally their busiest night of the year, and the experience was very enlightening. We stayed out until 3:30 am, and I saw a whole different side of our borough.

As mayor, my primary job will be to work with the police, so I appreciate the candid conversations I had with Officer McIntyre and the insight into daily police life that he was able to share with me. It is not a typical job with typical hours, and it can sometimes be hard as a civilian to fully understand what they deal with.

I want to thank Chief Bohn, Lt. Morehead, Sgt. Ditz, Officer McIntyre and all the other officers I had the chance to meet last night. I appreciate your service to our community more than ever after seeing you in action firsthand.

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