Today I signed the Green New Deal Pledge. The only way we will meet the deadlines we have set out for ourselves is if we are all willing to commit to a greener West Chester and make it a priority during the decision-making process. I know fighting climate change can seem really big, and 2035, our first deadline, is only 14 years away. So I will work with members of our community to make sure we have an actionable plan during my first term.

Everything is connected. Something like restoring rail service may not seem like an environmental policy at first, but additional public transit options to and from Philadelphia would make huge inroads into our emissions. We need to think big and come up with innovative solutions, and I believe that we are capable of making the changes we need to make. As Mayor, I will work to help set benchmarks, educate the public and do whatever it takes to make sure we do our part here in West Chester to fight climate change and promote sustainable living.

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