Our Campaign is Proud to be Endorsed By:



Sam Stretton, Esq. – West Chester Democrat – Decades ago, he worked with Charles Melton himself to reshape our government, creating the Ward system we currently use.


Nick Allen – West Chester Borough Council, Ward 2


Maria Flythe – Resident and Volunteer at the Melton Center


Nydea Graves – Coatesville City Council at Large, Chester County Stands Up


Althea Hutchinson – Henderson Student, Local Activist


Kevin Patrick Kelly – Opioid Task Force, Chester County Peace Movement


Chris Kowerdovich – PA State Committee, Veteran’s Caucus Treasurer


Malena Martinez – Local Business Owner, BID Board Member


Bill Phifer – Chair, Chester County Democrats Communication Committee


Carrie Stare – Chester County Democratic Committee


Sunrise Movement West Chester 


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