Addiction Recovery

Ever since my 2017 mayoral campaign, I have been very concerned with the rise of overdoses and deaths due to opioid addiction in our community. That’s why I was proud to work with Mayor Herrin on her Opioid Task Force from day one. I would like to think we had some success destigmatizing the disease of addiction, and our events when people came together and shared stories were always extremely powerful.

We Still Have A Long Road Ahead

For people struggling with addiction, being isolated and unable to access resources has been difficult. Imagine having to deal with symptoms of withdrawal, unable to reach people in your support network because of social distancing. This last year COVID forced us to take our eyes off the ball, and people are struggling worse than before.

I want to continue and expand the mission of the Mayor’s Opioid Task Force and find ways we can help as many people find the path to recovery as possible. You can find out more about local resources at the official website of the Mayor’s Opioid Task Force:

If you have ideas or would like to contact me about the addiction crisis, please call reach out. You can call me at (484) 630-5833, email me at or fill out the form below.

Do you have questions, comments, or concerns? Send us a message below:

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