Four years ago, I ran on the platform of increasing communication between the Borough and its residents. Now more than ever, citizens need to have an accessible and transparent government.

Prior to COVID, a lot of residents told me that they were interested in getting involved locally, but not available on Tuesday or Wednesday nights to attend council meetings. A year prior to switching to Zoom Borough Council meetings; I created West Chester Government Live to live stream Borough meetings on Facebook.

Using my background in marketing, social media, and technology, I want to increase the Borough’s communication by implementing the following:

      • Continuing Mayor Herrin’s weekly email newsletters
      • Create a 3-1-1 line where residents can leave messages for council members and departments to address Borough issues
      • Release an ongoing series of videos to highlight the Borough and its services
      • Release a State of the Borough Survey to collect ongoing feedback on our services
      • Increase the Borough’s social media posts
      • Encourage council members to make Facebook pages per ward.
Do you have questions, comments, or concerns? Send us a message below:

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