Our Economy

It is no secret that our local economy is suffering and our next mayor is responsible for leading us out of one of the biggest economic emergencies in West Chester history. During the rebuilding process, it will be crucial that the mayor brings all stakeholders to the table so no one is left behind. It will also be important that our mayor can communicate the sometimes rapidly changing situation to their constituents.

I am also looking into a Basic Income grant for our neighbors being pushed out of the borough due to ever-increasing cost of living expenses. There is an organization, Mayors for a Guaranteed Income. I have made contact with them, and I am confident that we can put together some sort of grant-funded program to help folks who need it most with direct cash payments.

To stay on top of this issue, I will be hosting weekly Town Hall meetings with local business owners to listen to the problems they are facing and try to come together to find solutions. You can find more information on our Event Schedule.

A Well Informed Public

I was a broadcaster at the local radio station for nine years and do social media work across the county. My job for most of his professional career has been to communicate with the public. West Chester Borough communications are severely outdated, and I has been pushing for reforms on this front for the last four years.

  • I was able to get them to install Google Translate on the borough website, so it is more accessible to folks whose primary language isn’t English.
  • I have been pushing for an amendment to the home rule charter to require that anything that must be legally posted in the newspaper, must be also promoted on the social media platform that has the largest reach (currently Facebook).

If you have ideas about how we can help our local economy, please reach out. Our community functions best when all are involved.

Do you have questions, comments, or concerns? Send us a message below:

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