Since April 2020, I have been trying to get our borough government to do something about the impending eviction crisis. While the deadline extensions for the eviction moratorium have been great at keeping people in their homes, that money is still owed, and in some cases, the debt people owe to their landlord or lender has been growing.

Last year there were millions of dollars in CARES funding that were simply unused. I was only made aware of the strict deadline shortly before it happened, and I had been focusing on this issue for months.

Eventually, I started a weekly meeting with local homelessness prevention specialists and local officials to try and come up with ways to educate people about resources that are available to them. Together we developed a website, www.covidemergencyhousinginfo.com that is an accessible way for homeowners, tenants AND landlords to find information that can help.

A Community Problem Needs A Community Solution

We are not prepared for a massive wave of homelessness and I think the scale of the problem is really hard for some folks to wrap their head around. I am hopeful that there will be some Federal aid at some point, but we cannot rely on that and need to start talking about the problem on a borough level so folks can connect with resources and not feel stigmatized for doing so.

If you feel like you may be in a housing emergency, please call 2-1-1

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